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1. Costs and Fees for auction purchase in Japan

2. Refundable Security Deposit

3. Payment Policy

4. Re-Auctioning Vehicles

5. Re- Auctioning Costs and Charges

6. Purchasing via Auctions and Bidding

7. Responsibilities, Claims and liability

1. Costs and Fees for auction purchase in Japan
1.1 Costs and Fees for Vehicles
Cost / Fees Cost in JPY Cost Details
Vehicle(s) Price Your bidding amount Vehicle(s) price is the exact bidding amount in the auction
Auction Fee 20,000 JPY (Average) Auction fee is very variable and every auction has own table for auction charges
Inland Transport 9,000 JPY (For small and medium size vehicles using the nearest port) Most of the dealer auctions are close to the major ports. Large Vehicles, Damaged Vehicles and auctions far from ports are charged at higher amount
Forwarding Fee 15,000 JPY Includes Freight Forwarding Fee, Shipping Documentation ,Custom Clearance charges and De-registration Documentation
Ocean Freight Variable Price quoted is based on present currency exchange rate and will NOT be guaranteed for future purchases.
Yard Operation Fee 10,000 JPY Includes parking charges at Port, loading to the vessel and pictures of your vehicle.
Variable Insurance is basically calculated using 0.065% from 110% of the Total Value of the vehicle
Our Service Fee 40,000 JPY Our service fee is 5% for the vehicles of the auction price above the amount of 1,500,000 JPY
• All costs provided above are in Japanese Yen
Vehicles Purchased   Our Service Fee, Based
 Per Month  
1 Unit   40,000 JPY
2- 4 Vehicles P/M   38,000 JPY
5 - 9 Vehicles P/M   35,000 JPY
10 - 19 Vehicles P/M   32,000 JPY
20 - 29 Vehicles P/M   30,000 JPY
Over 30 Vehicles P/M   25,000 JPY
1.2 Optional & Inspections Charges
Inspection Cost in JPY Details
AUCTIONPROJAPAN Separate inspection Variable Separate inspection provided other than initial auction inspection. Charges are variable depending on the distance to the auction. 8~12 extra detailed pictures are optional
JAAI / JEVIC Variable Inspection charge varies according to the size and tonnage of the vehicle. Any repairs required to clear the inspection are charged separately
MAF under 20cbm ASK MAF Quarantine Inspection for New Zealand
MAF over 20cbm ASK MAF Quarantine Inspection for New Zealand
Odometer / Mileage ASK Odometer Inspection for New Zealand or other countries
VCA ASK Any repairs required are charged separately.
1.3 Bidding Charges (FREE)

1.3.1 AUCTIONPROJAPAN is proud to announce that we charge no bidding fee for our buyers with successful deal. This is a special service from us so that you can understand the auction system which allows you to try on variety of vehicles.

1.3.2 The Bidding Department of AUCTIONPROJAPAN will be responsible for placing your bids. If a buyer is sending in too many low and unrealistic bids then it will be Bidding Department’s responsibility to contact the customer and help them with appropriate market bidding prices.

1.3.3 However, in case of unsuccessful deal, we will charge 500 JPY per bid. To avoid non-serious bidding, Free Period of one month is allowed from the date of confirmation of the deposit till the purchase date of the vehicle.

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2. Refundable Security Deposit

2.1 Before your purchase we AUCTIONPROJAPAN require a refundable deposit amount of US$1000 (100,000 JPY) or 10% of quotation whichever is of higher amount.

2.2 We provide you two kinds of Deposit Payment options;

1) Permanent Deposit for regular customers, certain deposit amount which is held with us as long as a buyer continues to purchase vehicles with AUCTIONPROJAPAN.

2) Is a Down Payment which is used as a part of the final payment on a vehicle, this is mainly for individual buyers wanting to buy a single vehicle or for buyers wanting to buy single vehicle(s) every month.

2.3 The amount of deposit mentioned above is for per unit. We advice our individual customers to complete one business deal at a time if you would like to purchase more vehicles from us.

2.4 Your deposit will be refunded within 3 working days if you change your mind. We deduct bank transfer fee of 7,000 JPY and if any bids, they are charged at 500 JPY per unsuccessful bid.

2.5 If the buyer cancels the vehicle after successful bid and winning the vehicle, AUCTIONPROJAPAN has full right to Re- Auction the vehicle and invoice the buyer for all the Re-Auctioning expenses.

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3. Payment Policy
3.1 100% Payment on Purchase

3.1.1 Payment on purchase refers to a 100% total invoice of FOB, C&F or CIF price issued to customer.

3.1.2 The Due Date of remaining amount is 5 working days from the day of purchase.

3.1.3 If 100% payment is not received by the 9th day from the date of purchase, Buyers bidding rights are stopped. Customer will be contacted through email and / or phone. Late Payment Written Report is lodged and details will be entered in AUCTIONPROJAPAN System.

3.1.4 If 100% payment is not received by the 12th day from the date of purchase, all vehicles export related procedures are stopped. This includes all de-registration and shipping documentation. Customer will be contacted through email and / or phone. Late Payment Written Report is updated and data will be entered in AUCTIONPROJAPAN System.

3.1.5 If 100% payment is not received by the 15th day from the date of purchase, vehicle is returned to the Auction and will be Re-Auctioned. Customer will be notified through email and / or phone.

3.1.6 Late payments over 15 days from the purchase date will be charged at a daily interest rate of 0.1%.

3.1.7 AUCTIONPROJAPAN has the right to use debt collection agencies in the buyer’s country to return any late payments over 30 days from the purchase date.

3.1.8 All Re-Auctioning costs are liable to the Buyer and expenses will be charged to the customer by invoice after successful sale of the vehicle. Re-Auctioning Charges and other costs are stated in the clause.

3.1.9 Once payment is received, export related procedures will proceed again and the vehicle will be booked for the next available shipment and the vehicle shall be shipped from Japan to the Buyers chosen destination port. The bidding rights will be resumed after confirmation of outstanding payment and deposit confirmation for next unit. Buyer can buy vehicles within their credit limit.

3.1.10 Complete set of documents will be sent to the buyers notifying party only after the confirmation of full payment and the departure of the ocean vessel from Japan. Documents include; Bill of Laden, Export Certificate, English Translation of Export Certificate, Signed Commercial Invoice and any other documents that the buyer has stated to receive in the AUCTIONPROJAPAN Sales Agreement.

3.2 Banking and Payment Details

3.2.1 The Buyer is responsible for all Bank transaction charges. When sending the payment, buyer must pay both receiving and sending charges.

3.2.2 If buyer does not select to pay receiving charges AUCTIONPROJAPAN will have to credit the buyers account with the payment received minus receiver’s bank fee. The usual amount of bank fee is 2,500 JPY. If the buyer’s bank uses another bank or agent to do the international transfer you may receive 2 bank fees. Buyer is responsible for all bank fees and should check before remittance. Buyer should check it with his bank when sending TT payments.

• Example Buyer Sends 650,000 JPY without selecting to pay receivers charges. Buyers account will be credited with 650,000 (amount sent) – 2,500 (Bank Fee) = 647,500 JPY.

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4. Re-Auctioning Vehicles

4.1 If 1st Instalment of the payment is NOT received by the 15th day from the date of purchase, vehicle is returned to the Auction and Re-Auctioned.

4.2 All Re-Auctioning costs are liable to the Buyer and will be charged to the customer by invoice after successful sale of the vehicle. The vehicles selling price at Re-Auction will be calculated as a credit to the customer in the Re-Auction Invoice. Re Auctioning Charges and Costs are stated in clause 6.2

4.3 AUCTIONPROJAPAN and buyer agree on a minimum selling price. Both Parties must sign a Re-Auction Application Form. If any disagreement of the minimum selling price, AUCTIONPROJAPAN has the rights of making the final decision on the minimum selling price.

4.4 From the date of Re-Auction Invoice being issued to the buyers AUCTIONPROJAPAN Online account, 100% payment is due within 5 working days.

4.5 If 100% payment is not received by the 15th day from the date of the Re-Auction, Buyers accounts will be frozen and AUCTIONPROJAPAN Sales Agreement is forfeited. Deposit is confiscated and used as part payment against any loss. After calculation on the customers account against unpaid Re- Auction Invoice any credit to the customers account with be refunded to customer minus bank and admin fees of 20,000 JPY. Local Sales Rep, AUCTIONPROJAPAN Management and Senior Management must sign a Deposit Confiscated Copy, this copy shall be emailed to the customer.

4.6 Once 100% payment is received, any stopped export related procedures will proceed. Buyers bidding rights will be resumed. Buyer can then buy vehicles within their credit limit again.

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5. Re- Auctioning Costs and Charges

5.1 Total Costs involved in Re-Auctioning a Vehicle

5.2 Invoice for the original purchase is payable by the original invoice date.

5.3 The following table are the costs and Credits involved in Re- Auctioning a vehicle

Inspection If applicable and inspections have been done
10,000 Freight Forwarder Cancellation fee
14,800 Minimum Inland transport from Port to Auction
19,800      Auction Fee, for each actual and attempted Auction Sale
25,000 Re-auction handling Fee only Payable if First Invoice was not paid
Selling Price Credited to the invoice

5.4             The Selling Price of the vehicle will be refunded to buyer as a credit.

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6. Purchasing via Auctions and Bidding

6.1.1 Most of the dealer auctions follow the open ascending price auction system. AUCTIONPROJAPAN either bids against other Auction Members, with each subsequent bid 1,000 – 10,000 JPY higher than the previous bid or places an internet proxy bid submitted electronically. The auction ends when no participant is willing to bid further, at which point the highest bidder pays their bid. Alternatively, if the seller has set a minimum sale price in advance (the 'reserve' price) and the final bid does not reach that price the item remains unsold.

6.1.2 AUCTIONPROJAPAN sells to the Buyer at the Direct Wholesale Selling Price at the Auction and has no mark up on the selling price.

6.1.3 AUCTIONPROJAPAN allows buyers to purchase vehicles direct from more than 100 Japanese Used Vehicle Dealer Auctions. All Vehicles are inspected and scored by Trained and Certified Japanese Inspectors. For example; TAA Auction is a subsidiary auction of Toyota and the vehicles are inspected by Toyota Japan. Auction inspector will score the vehicles using the following grading description.

6.1.4 All Japanese Auction houses are regulated by the Japanese Government and are all strictly licensed. The scoring of Used Vehicles by Inspectors is strictly followed by all Auction Houses in Japan.

6.1.5 All Japanese Auction Vehicles have an inspection sheet which is written in Japanese. AUCTIONPROJAPAN provides free translation of the inspection Sheet.

6.2 Auction Score Description
Auction Grade
Grade Condition Comments
S or 6 Brand New Completely Unused
5 Almost Brand New No dents or scratches
4.5 Excellent No obvious dents or scratches
4 Very Good Fewer than 2 minor dents and/or scratches
3.5 Good May have 1 obvious dent or more than 2 minor dents and/or scratches. May require minor body work
3  Average May have few obvious dents and/or big scratches. Definitely needs body repair and/or paint work
2  Poor Vehicles hit with natural disasters or in worse body condition
1 Modified or Racing Cars  Vehicles which have been modified intensively
0/A/R Accident repaired or in damaged condition  Inner chassis is repaired and is not necessarily in bad condition. But if in damaged condition then will need lots of body work and possibly parts replacement.
R/1 Modified vehicles with Accident History  Vehicles which have been modified intensively with accident repair history
*** Damaged extensively and are not in moveable condition
Grade Condition
A Brand New or Very close to New condition. No scratch, dirt, blemishes etc.
B Very clean interior. No obvious blemishes etc. May need simple cleaning.
C Average interior. Need cleaning. Floor mats, seats, panels etc. may contain some minor scratches and/or blemishes.
D Below average interior. May contain few minor blemishes, possible cigarette burns/trace, scratches. Seats and/or floor may need additional cleaning.
E Dirty interior condition. Few obvious blemishes, cigarette burns/trace, dirt and/or spots on seats.
6.3 Bidding; Direct Bidding and Pre Inspection Bidding

6.3.1 Direct Bidding refers to the buyer bidding directly using AUCTIONPROJAPAN’s auction site linked to the auction houses and the buyer is completely responsible for making the purchasing decisions. All the vehicles are not inspected by AUCTIONPROJAPAN. Buyer must contact bidding team before placing any bids if they have any questions on the vehicle. Direct Bidding to the Auctions need to pay an unsuccessful Bid fee, please see extra costs. Extra Fee of 500 JPY per unsuccessful Bid is charged per month.

6.3.2 Separate Inspection bidding is special service for selected purchase when the customer would like more detailed information on the vehicles directly from the auction. The customer must inform AUCTIONPROJAPAN in advance what they would like be checked and inspected. AUCTIONPROJAPAN will contact Buyer via email or phone if any problems are found or to give any extra report. We will not place bids if any major problems are found like engine or transmission problem which is for the sake of customer.

6.3.3 AUCTIONPROJAPAN will not place bids on vehicles which have major mechanical troubles like Engine Problems, Oil Leaks, Transmission Problems or Major Body Rust when written on the Inspection sheet. Pre Inspection Bidding Buyers will receive notification by email if the vehicle has any of these problems. The Pre Inspection Bidding Buyers can resubmit bid stating that they understand the vehicle has the stated problem and they would like to purchase the vehicle in that condition. AUCTIONPROJAPAN will not responsible for any problems with vehicles that have been purchased via resubmitted bids.

6.3.4 AUCTIONPROJAPAN always recommends having a separate inspection prior to the purchase.

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7. Responsibilities, Claims and liability

7.1 If Marine insurance policy is taken the first 250,000 JPY shall always be deducted from the settlement unless damage is caused by the vessel being stranded, sunk, burn or in a collision. AUCTIONPROJAPAN recommends AIU Insurance Company for all vehicle insurance.

7.2 AUCTIONPROJAPAN is responsible for the vehicle from the moment of purchase in Japan until the vehicle(s) leave the Japanese territory port.

7.3 AUCTIONPROJAPAN is responsible for the following activities;

A) De-registering and applying for export certificate.
B) Collection of vehicle from Auction.
C) The vehicles travel to inspection yard in case if inspection is must before shipment.
D) Delivery of the vehicle to shipping company yard for further shipment arrangement.

7.4 Regarding the damage created to the vehicle shipped by RORO, when receiving cars shipped by RORO buyer should inspect the cars as soon as unloading starts, if any damage is found then contact the shipping company and shipping agent to report damage and lodge a claim. Buyer must take photographs of any damage to the cars before they are removed from the shipping compound if possible and must receive a report from shipping company or shipping agent. The buyer must immediately contact buyer’s insurance company to arrange a survey report.

7.5 Regarding the damage created to the vehicle shipped by Container, when receiving containers the buyer should be with the container when it is first opened and unloaded. Buyer or Buyers representative must take the following photos 1). Close up of Seal of the container before it is broken 2). Close up of seal once it has been opened. 3). View of opened container with view of all cars before unloading begins. Inspect the cars before unloading starts, if any damage is found then do not remove the vehicles; contact the shipping company and shipping agent to report damage and lodge a claim, if possible only continue with removing the vehicles once a representative from shipping company or shipping agent is on site. Buyer must take photographs of any damage to the cars before they are removed from the container, take detailed photographs of the damage and the way the cars are hanging in the container. Remove first car and then inspect the 2nd car, if second car is damaged then take photographs before you remove the second car. Buyer must continue this way and must receive a report from shipping company or shipping agent. The buyer must immediately contact buyer’s insurance company to arrange a survey report.

7.6 Shipping companies, Insurance companies and AUCTIONPROJAPAN cannot be held liable for the theft of accessories and or parts from vehicle(s) in shipment, transhipment or when the vehicle(s) are at the transhipment Port or the Buyers Port.

7.7 AUCTIONPROJAPAN will not be responsible for any troubles created with local customs or with any government regulations in the buyer’s country

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